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  • Heidi (Monday, April 09 18 01:09 pm BST)

    Have just seen the new Pop Up Pods & am really impressed. These modular units provide an excellent alternative to traditional living/business spaces. The unit(s) make an excellent stand alone system to start up any business. Steven's customer service is so professional, informative & friendly, which is such a help when planning. Highly recommended.

  • Laura Seward (Monday, March 26 18 05:31 pm BST)

    We have been using the centre for over a year now. Olive pulled her shoulder and they helped build up the wasted muscle and get her back to normal (well normal for Olive). She then snapped her caudal, medial and lateral ligaments in her knee in October (she doesn't do things half heartedly). They were great getting us back on track to recovery as quickly as possible with loads of support (for me) and cuddles (for Olive). Its been slow going but we are finally getting somewhere and would definitely bring the team with me to continue her rehab when I move area if I could. Can't thank them enough!!

  • Vicky Walkden (Friday, March 02 18 02:48 pm GMT)

    Noah, had cruciate damage and following surgery we were advised to visit Steve. Noah is a very nervous cross bread and was very apprehensive. Steve won Noahs trust and the journey began. Noahs accident was 2 years ago and he is doing so well. We continue to visit now for Noah to be groomed. Amazing place and wonderful warm and friendly people.

  • Ian Prescott (Monday, January 01 18 11:40 am GMT)

    We had a photo shoot just before Christmas 17 with our two dogs. The pictures were sent to us within 48 hours - They are brilliant, clear, natural and really captured the dogs personalities.
    The studio set up is ideal and Steve is good at getting the dogs and us to pose for the photos. We would 100% recommend :) Thank you

  • Rebecca Brown (Saturday, December 16 17 04:16 pm GMT)

    Super experience, both swimming and photography! The dogs are so loved and adore coming to see you all.
    Thanks so much for our beautiful pictures!

  • Ashleigh Hoggarth (Thursday, December 14 17 09:25 pm GMT)

    What an absolutely amazing few months I’ve had at the canine groom school, I’ve enjoyed every minuet. I did the duo course over 35 days and really learnt so much. Thank you so much to Poppy, Jess and Molly for helping me achieve the best career change of my life! I can’t recommend the groom school enough

  • Chloe (Thursday, December 14 17 04:49 pm GMT)

    Had such a good time at canine groom school! Couldn’t recommend it anymore. Poppy, Molly and Jess are brilliant tutors and I can’t praise them enough for the help they have given me, I have had so much fun doing this course and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring 🐩✂️

  • Molly (Friday, December 08 17 06:40 pm GMT)

    Really pleased with the amazing results from our photo shoot! 7 dogs and 4 humans was a lot to ask but we did it and it was totally worth it for the amazing quality and fun experience!

  • Tina Bennett (Friday, December 08 17 03:42 pm GMT)

    Just received our fabulous photos from our photo shoot with Steve yesterday. We were both blown away by the quality and the professional effects that were created. Dexter was a superstar and loved the interaction with Steve. We would highly recommend Steve , his new studio, the fab surroundings if you want a fantastic experience and memories to treasure forever. Great value for money too ❤️❤️

  • Kathryn Olley (Thursday, November 30 17 01:58 pm GMT)

    Wow, what an amazing 2 months I have had. I came to Canine Groom school with no experience of dog grooming and to pass with an overall distinction in City & Guilds is to the credit of the wonderful tutors Poppy, Jess & Molly and a lot of hard work from myself. It has been the most enjoyable course and life changing career I have ever done. If you are looking for a dog grooming course I would definitely recommend Canine Groom School. 🐶✂️🐾 Kathryn

  • Charlotte (Wednesday, September 20 17 04:03 pm BST)

    Making the decision to change my life to be a dog groomer, was one of the best decision that I have ever made. On my first day at the Canine Health and Hydro I didn't have a clue what I was doing and I was totally out of my comfort zone and I was not very confident with it all as I have never done this in my life before, but with the help of all the team I am now starting to learn a lot more so thank you for been so supportive!! Charlotte. xxx

  • Carole bah (Monday, August 21 17 08:17 pm BST)

    Excellent grooming service.Rossi always looks fantastic. Thank you. Such a friendly professional place

  • Claire & Mike Lennon (Saturday, August 05 17 09:24 am BST)

    The team at Rimmington Canine Health and Hydro are amazing and have not only done a fantastic job of helping our boy Whisky before, during and after his elbow and double hip replacement surgery with Hydro and K-Laser treatments; they are also our friends.

    Following his life changing surgery by a truly brilliant surgeon, the rehabilitation period using K-Laser dramatically accelerated the healing process and the reintroduction of Hydrotherapy is now starting to build muscle mass to give him increased confidence on his new hips.

    Steve, Helen, Ruth, Kerry, Tracy, Lianne & Shona have all shown extreme kindness and patience in taking care of a very broken 7 month old Labrador puppy who, now thanks their help is able to spend the rest of his life as an active, healthy and very naughty companion for his Brother Bobby.

    Eternally grateful and with much love...

    Mike & Claire Lennon xx.

    We love you millions 🐶🐶 Whisky & Bobby woof woof xx

  • Lisa Ryan (Friday, June 23 17 05:42 pm BST)

    Excellent service, Beau has not limped or had any problems with her leg since we have been coming here, all staff are brilliant :)

  • Steph Cottam (Friday, June 23 17 12:27 pm BST)

    An absolutely fantastic place to train to be a dog groomer. Well not just a groomer. You learn the business side and also undertake a first aid course � Wonderful, friendly staff too. Nothing was too much trouble even when I asked stupid questions. � My training was the start of my doggy empire as I am now in the process of opening a second dog grooming salon. All thanks to Poppy, Steve and the team. The best thing I have ever done. Thanks so much �

  • Victoria Pratt (Friday, June 23 17 12:13 pm BST)

    Making the decision to change my life started when I took the leap to train at the most welcoming, supportive, professional, happy & friendly environment with Poppy and her amazing team at Howgill Farm. Opening my Salon in January had been scary but without a doubt the best decision I could have made. Continuous support gives peace of mind and takes away the fear of never being on your own even when you work alone. Forever greatfull to Poppy and her amazing team for having a big part in changing my life and helping me to fulfil a life long dream. ����

  • Paul Christodoulou (Saturday, May 20 17 09:05 pm BST)

    Gabriel has now been attending Canine Health and Hydro for over a year now. In that time his Hip Dysplasia has significantly improved and is now more or less cleared. He loves the Hydrotherapy and the staff, to such an end that even though his 2 x 10 sessions have sorted his problem, we continue to take him there every other week, as it is more than clear that he benefits every single time. We see it when he runs and plays outside. Now he also goes in the treadmill every other visit to fine tune his gate. Each time is followed by a good shower and a dry. I cannot recommend Canine Health and Hydro enough. A superb organisation with the care and health of dogs their first priority.

  • Linda Holme (Tuesday, April 25 17 12:10 pm BST)

    I completed my course on the 18th December 2016 and the fact that it has taken this long to write a testimonial, due to being so busy dog grooming in my little salon is the best compliment I could pay to Canine Groom School!! Thank you to Poppy, Steve, Jess and Sarah for making the experience one I will never forget. I enjoyed every minute and the teaching and support I received was second to none. I have made friends who I am able to share my new business journey with and the continued support from groom school is helping me to succeed in a job I love. Thanks to you all again! Linda xxx

  • Nicola rutland (Friday, April 14 17 09:11 pm BST)

    Cannot describe how wonderful Ruth was with our 6month old bulldog Maggie in her first fun session..very impressive, friendly and full of knowledge. Highly recommended.. Maggie loved the session and we loved watching her.
    Thanks Ruth and all the team.

  • Lynlyn Miller (Sunday, April 09 17 08:43 pm BST)

    I enjoyed this course from start to finish, didn't want to leave but I know I have been taught to the best standard of dog grooming. It has been a totally hands on experience with plenty of dogs to practice on and with the very best grooming tutors and amazing help and support with Poopy, Jess and Sarah being so nice and patient in fact everything about it is amazing at CANINE GROOM SCHOOL. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done choosing CANINE GROOM SCHOOL. I am forever grateful for everything. A Million thanks to all the staff.

  • Andy Lucas (Monday, March 20 17 05:44 pm GMT)

    Puppy Cocka came for his first clip today.
    His mummy is not feeling to good, but after seeing his new hair do, it made her day, over the moon.
    Thanks to all.

  • Maggie Brady (Thursday, March 16 17 10:30 pm GMT)

    Our beautiful 3 legged Doberman has been for 2 sessions of laser and hydrotherapy and she's loving it. Lola lost her front leg 5 years ago and managed fantastically without it up until last year when her remaining leg started to show the strain � now she has limited mobility and at the age of 9 is struggling to do very much walking at all. I contacted Steve at Canine Health & Hydro a couple of weeks ago and after his speedy response Lola has already had an assessment, taster session in the pool and is now looking forward to her third lovely laser treatment and dip in the pool chasing a pink donut ���� we're all feeling hopeful for another summer with our lovely lass Lola barking at the passers by from our front garden thanks to Steve and the wonderful friendly team x

  • Kim Pilkington (Friday, March 03 17 09:21 am GMT)

    When I started at Canine Groom School I didn't have a clue what I was doing, however with the amazing help and support of Poppy, Jess and Sarah I learnt so much. Their experience meant that any question you have they will give you their best advice to help you. I was scared when I started that I would not be able to do it all in such a short space of time but with everyone's patience I did it all and couldn't be happier. I can't thank all of the staff at Canine Health and Hydro enough, everyone is so kind and helpful and they will always try and help you. Definitely the best choice I made doing the course here. I will miss it!

  • Ruby Cameron (Thursday, March 02 17 09:34 pm GMT)

    What an amazing place! I loved my time at the grooming school I have learnt so much and now I am a fully qulified dog groomer can't believe it, thank you Poppy and the girls, they are brilliant tutors and I can't thank them enough. Ruby

  • Anne Cahill (Friday, February 24 17 09:16 am GMT)

    After thinking about becoming a dog groomer and finding a very kind person who let me go and work every Saturday morning in her salon here in Switzerland, I realized that it was something I really wanted to do. As there are no schools here who offer a qualification in this field I decided to look for a training centre in the U.K.

    Eventually, I chose two and on a visit to see family last summer, I paid for a taster day in a salon in the North East. However, at the end of the day( 4 hours) I was not very happy with the way it went. A little disappointed, I decided to call Canine Health and Hydro and talked to Kerry the receptionist. With her friendly, informative manner she convinced me to go for it. And the adventure began.
    The course of 24 days was adapted for me, 6 days a week for 4 weeks, as I was coming from a long way and had to take unpaid time from work.

    I must admit that on my first day, 9th January 2017, when Poppy told me about everything I would have to do over my 4 weeks, I panicked and thought I would never be able to manage it all.
    The grooming salon team, Poppy, Sarah and Jess, and patient Kerry's help with printing written assignments from my computer first thing in the morning, soon showed me that it might be possible. With the hands on, from day one, professional approach, encouragement, patience, good humour and all the help and information about course work and exam preparation helped me to start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
    I lost my confidence a few times because of the short time pressure, wondering if I was doing the right thing at my age (57), but was always brought back from the brink by this wonderful team.
    I even managed to fit in an exam revision talk, business talk from Steve and a first aid talk given by a veterinary nurse.

    And there it was, suddenly my last day. Course work done, practical assessments over, and City and Guilds exams successfully achieved with a distinction, merit and a pass.
    I worked very hard and pushed my limits but without this wonderful team I would never have managed.
    I met some lovely people and had some great laughs despite the hard work and highly recommend this place to anyone wishing to join the dog groomers world.

    So, here I am one month after. Back at the grooming salon in Switzerland two half days a week. A proposal from a girl with an up and running garage grooming business to join her at the end of April for two full days a week. With the total conviction that by the end of this year, teaching English will be a thing of the past.

    Thanks to you all at Canine Groom school.


  • Diane (Wednesday, January 11 17 05:57 pm GMT)

    What a friendly knowledge professional team ! From my first email, to visit I was made welcome by lovely staff, & students.
    Thank you

  • Katherine Payne and Rachel Elliott (Sunday, January 08 17 02:40 pm GMT)

    Hector has his thirteenth birthday in February 2017. He has been going to Canine Health and Hydro for a number of years. Initially he started having weekly swimming sessions with Steve and then moved onto maintenance swimming before changing to treadmill sessions. He has also recently started having laser sessions before he goes on the treadmill. The difference in Hector is amazing. He has had several near death experiences in his relatively short life. A short list of these experiences includes: being savaged by another dog causing abdominal and back injuries requiring extensive surgery; being hit by a bus; being caught in a snare; being run over by a vet. We were worried that Hector was in pain from scar tissue and we also noticed he was not running evenly with his hind legs. We had seen the benefits of water treadmill therapy in our horses. So, we decided to try swimming for Hector and booked in a session with Steve. It is clear that his swimming and now laser and treadmill sessions mean Hector can continue to live life to the max. His pain is managed and has also clearly regained muscle loss. Importantly for Hector, thanks to the team at Canine Health and Hydro, he can still sprint fast; very important for a Jack Russell Terrier who likes to chase rabbits.

  • Hannah & Neil Mulholland (Tuesday, January 03 17 12:56 pm GMT)

    Thank you to Steve (hydro) & Lianne (laser) on behalf of our lovely Doberman Daisy who sadly passed away suddenly on 17th November 2016. Her referral to them made such a difference to her mobility during her last year. The sessions were based around her needs and despite her reluctant start Steve persevered and she began to enjoy the treadmill. With Lianne she was totally relaxed during the laser sessions. The two treatments meant she made great progress and began jumping into the car again, what a joy for us to see. Her mobility improved significantly and we can't thank you all enough. We can recommend taking your dog to have treatments for arthritis.
    Hannah & Neil M

  • Karen Cross (Tuesday, December 20 16 09:08 pm GMT)

    Dedicated, professional, personal and caring are a few words from so many I can use to sum the outstanding training I received at Canine Groom School. The whole team are totally committed to each individual ensuring the training you receive is fun, consistent and too the highest standard. Having completed the course 2 months ago I am now in my 8th week of business, fully booked and feeling confident. Clients are rebooking. Thank you for providing the ultimate training in such a short period.

  • Kathy Unsworth (Monday, December 19 16 06:45 pm GMT)

    This school has got to be the best in the country!! It is second to none. The training, support and 'after care' is amazing. I completed my City and Guilds Level 3 in October 2016 and have since opened a grooming salon. Steve, Poppy and the team are full of advice, tips etc even down to which towels to use in a salon. Worth every penny. Thankyou so much , I have more than enjoyed the course and made some very firm lifetime friends.

  • Bianca (Sunday, December 18 16 10:09 pm GMT)

    I completed the level 3 city and guilds qualification in April, I can honestly say I wouldnt recommend anywhere else, Poppy, Steve, Stacey and Jess make you feel so welcome and put you completely at ease from the minute you walk in on day one to the day you qualify. They're always on the end of the phone during and after the course for tips and advice and they genuinely care about all the dogs they have coming to them. I absolutely loved my time there and I'm looking forward to my new venture that wouldn't have been possible without the ongoing support from these guys. Loved that I could bring my dog in so I could learn how best to style him too!

    Thank you for everything,
    Bianca and Bruce the dog :)

  • Emma Smith (Sunday, December 18 16 09:14 pm GMT)

    I completed my Level 3 C&G training at Canine health & Hydro Groom school in September 2016 and I was very sad that it came to an end! The tutors and all staff at the centre were always professional and helpful and were fantastic at buildingmy confidence. There were students from many different backgrounds, some beginners and some who had been grooming years and each and every day we all learned something new. Poppy and Steve are always available with help and support even after I qualified and I wouldn't hesitate to do my time there again. I would whole heartedly recommended the groom school and their courses to anyone wanting to learn. The very experienced tutors are willing to share not only their knowledge and expertise but also their personal experiences of running grooming salons.

  • Michaela Haines (Sunday, December 18 16 08:49 pm GMT)

    After spending the last twenty years working for Salford Council I made the decision in April to swap my desk for a table and my keyboard and mouse for scissors and to try and become a professional Dog Groomer. I had no previous experience whatsoever of dog grooming and I'd never held a pair of scissors in my life. All I knew was I loved dogs -a lot! Prior to choosing Canine Health and Hydro I did my research and looked at several places offering the City and Guilds Level 3 training. What finally swayed me to choose to come here were the testimonials and so I felt it was only right that I write one myself and I hope that mine might sway you to come here too! Im not exaggerating when I say that you would have to go a long way to find a better place to train and gain your qualifications. Poppy and Steve and their team make you feel welcome from the minute you walk in there. The Groom School is simply brilliant and the tutorship is second to none. You are taken through every step of the way and before you know it you will become a confident but most importantly competent groomer. Everything you need is provided for you and the support and encouragement you receive is endless. Its not only Poppy and her team who make the Groom School special it's also all of your fellow students that make it such a special time/experience. I have made life long friends from far and wide (you'd be surprised how far people travel just to be taught here!) I will be eternally grateful for the skills I have acquired. I feel incredibly privileged to have been taught by Poppy, she is one very special lady. If you have any choice at all where you do your training then come here. You will not be disappointed. I really could wax lyrical about this place forever but I shan't but what I will finish off by saying is that I could not feel any prouder of being a Canine Health and Hydro Groom School alumni!

  • Teresa Chappell (Sunday, December 18 16 08:00 pm GMT)

    I completed an intense training course with at Canine Health & Hydro in September 2016. It was hard work as I did 6 days per week for 4 weeks which included all practical assessments, tests, exams and course work with no prior experience of dog grooming. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the expert tuition. Couldn't have passed without them! Would do it all again tomorrow! Thoroughly recommend Canine Health & Hydro!

  • Lorne Mellonie (Sunday, December 18 16 07:13 pm GMT)

    Where can I start?

    From the beginning when I originally enquired, Poppy and Steve were extremely helpful and accommodating from the get go. I started my Flexi course in April 2016 and was Level 3 Qualified by mid June 2016.

    All the staff at Canine Health and Hydro were so lovely and they genuinely want the best for their students. I could call/email/facebook message any time of day and speak to a staff member if I needed some further information, and I can still call them now if I am ever in need of some help.

    Even after leaving the course I still feel very much a part of Canine Health & Hydro Groom School and I think that is a very unique and positive aspect of Groom School for sure. I was sad to leave if I'm honest as I made some good friends whilst studying and I truly admire the skill and expertise Poppy has - (I hope I will get to the same level as her in the future)

    I have just booked on to do my Level 3 Diploma in Professional Dog Grooming in May 2017, I am extremely excited to be heading back to Groom School for a couple of mock exam days before sitting my final exams.

    I can't recommend Canine Health and Hydro enough. Thank you Poppy, Steve & the gang, I wouldn't be here without your help!!

  • Lisa Holt (Sunday, December 18 16 07:11 pm GMT)

    For anybody thinking about training to be a dog groomer then doing it with Poppy and her team at Canine Groom School is the ONLY way to do it! What an amazing team! Supportive, friendly, patient, generous with their sharing knowledge and experiences - the perfect learning environment. As the saying goes - 'just do it!' You won't regret it.

  • Eleanor Manning (Sunday, December 18 16 07:09 pm GMT)

    It's coming up to 3 years since I first set foot in the groom school. It was all a bit of a whirlwind and despite lacking self confidence with the support and tuition of Poppy, Anna & Steve and the cameraderie of my fellow students I made it to the end! I have been running my own business since April 2014 and now have a busy salon working alongside Animal Care. I still feel part of the family and love the ongoing advice & support we all give each other. Excellent standard of training and highly recommended to anyone interested in starting their own career in dog grooming.

  • Katy Sorge (Sunday, December 18 16 06:56 pm GMT)

    The Canine Groom School has exceeded all my couldn't wish for training delivered by the most knowledgeable tutors I have ever met, nothing is too much trouble for them..I knew as soon as I walked into the school this was the place to train. I don't think I ever want to leave!!

  • Zoe Glossop (Thursday, December 15 16 08:52 am GMT)

    Nala has been going to Canine Health and Hydro for 5 months now. She loves each and every session. Her fitness levels have improved massively since she started and she gets stronger every week. It's lovely to see how excited she is every time she gets in the pool. She has built up such a good relationship with Shona and the love, care and attention shown to Nala has been second to none, special thanks to Shona, Ruth and Tracey.

  • Karen Isherwood (Saturday, December 03 16 01:54 pm GMT)

    We have been visiting Canine Health and Hydro since around March 2016 and the team have been truly fantastic. The sessions are always based on Tilly's changing needs and her next steps are always catered for. Tilly loves coming here, Ruth has built a bond up with her and us since July. A family run business that always do their best to help no matter who we see. Our own knowledge and after care skills have improved too throughout Tilly's treatment. We won't be leaving this place anytime soon!
    The Isherwood Family x

  • Michelle Oliver (Saturday, December 03 16 01:51 pm GMT)

    01/12/16 - We had been recommended and referred to this service by our vet Pam, following Sams minor stroke as part of rehab therapy. On arrival Sam had a full check/assessment by Ruth and Sam was found to have lost an awful lot of muscle on his back legs - one only 12" circumference. Sam took to his swim sessions like a "duck to water", having sessions of half an hour with both Ruth and Tracey. As soon as I get out Sam "swim bag" he gets excited knowing where we are going.
    As I write this Sam has lost 2kg in weight and has gained muscle on his back legs (18" both legs) so is well on his way to recovery with four more sessions booked in.
    Highly recommended - we have our old boy back :)
    Well done team - keep your good work up xx

  • Lynton James (Saturday, December 03 16 01:45 pm GMT)

    I can't put into words the benefit Hydro as provided for Max. He has been coming for 3 years on a weekly swim. Max had surgery on his elbow to remove cartlidge. Hydro is now a big part of Max's exercise. Big Thanks to Ruth and Tracey!

  • Amanda Duckworth (Saturday, December 03 16 01:43 pm GMT)

    Can't thank everyone at Health and Hydro enough, especially Ruth for all their help and advice with Alfie's treatment for Osteoarthritis. After only 6 sessions, Alfie has gained muscle on all legs and is losing weight. Alfie enjoys his treadmill sessions and all the positive attention and care he gets from the staff.
    Thank you so much!

  • Lee Nuttall (Thursday, December 01 16 01:35 pm GMT)

    Stevie had a TTA in late December of 2015, I only heard of Health and hydro in April of 2016. Since Stevie attended, he has come on in leaps and bounds, he has lost over 6kg, the muscle loss due to the surgery, has been fully regained, and some. The advice given by the staff. Steve, Ruth and tracey, has been invaluable to Stevie's recovery. I would recommend this treatment facility, my only regret, is that I didn't start the treatment, straight after the operation.

  • Molly Mckiernan (Wednesday, November 30 16 06:29 pm GMT)

    My experience at the groom school has been one in a million. Endless help, advise and knowledge. Poppy, Jess and Sarah have been the best teachers I could have asked for and knowing I have their support even after the course is over makes me so grateful.

  • Rebecca Young (Wednesday, November 30 16 06:27 pm GMT)

    I jumped in with both feet to take this course with a certain amount of trepidation. However after just one day I knew I had done the right thing.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed my 24 days and have gained new skills and a whole load of knowledge about dog grooming.
    I am now looking forward in a new direction as a professional dog groomer and can't wait to get started.

  • Yvette Lee (Tuesday, November 29 16 10:05 am GMT)

    Ozzie has had 4 sessions on the treadmill so far with Shona and Ruth. He has built up strength in his legs already and the staff have been wonderful and supportive and fully explained everything that they are doing and the benefits provided to Ozzie.
    I highly recommend the treatment and am really pleased that we chose Canine Health and Hydro.

  • Karen Miller (Tuesday, November 29 16 09:54 am GMT)

    First time here today and what a revellation! We met lovely Ruth who was so informative, explaining all the techniques used to best improve Teddy's rehab.
    We look forward to our next sessions, onwards and upwards :)

  • Sue Eastham (Tuesday, November 29 16 09:53 am GMT)

    Very impressed with all aspects of Hydro treatment for Rubi!
    Therapists - Tracey, Shona and Ruth have all been exceptional in their treatments and genuine love for dogs.
    Rubi on 3rd treatment and enjoys her visits here.
    Thank you!

  • Anthony and Lisa Hart (Saturday, November 26 16 12:44 pm GMT)

    We are really pleased with the progress that Monty has made since starting Hydro. Every member of staff are friendly and approachable. Ruth has been fantastic with Monty and is always ready to answer any questions we have. Monty thoroughly enjoys his sessions with Ruth and she is always willing to adapt the session to Monty's needs.
    We cannot recommend Ruth and the rest of Steve's team highly enough.
    Thank you!

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